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Children are often placed in foster homes with the understanding that they might become available for adoption. Frequently, a strong parent-child bond occurs between the foster child and his or her foster parents. It is often advisable for foster parents who want to adopt their foster children to seek legal representation even before the child becomes available for adoption, because such representation can make a difference in a termination of parental rights proceeding.

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The Foster Child Adoption Process

When a child is removed from the birth parents’ home, the Department of Social Services takes many actions required by law to try to remedy the situation that caused the removal and to return the child to the family. Often, however, the situations cannot be remedied, and the child becomes available for adoption.

Because there is a period of time that may run from six months to a year or more, the legal status of the children remains uncertain. During this time, they naturally begin to establish a bond with the foster parents who care for them. Because of the bond that is established, the Department of Social Services will usually support the decision of foster parents to adopt their foster children.

The Foster to Adopt Program

The Department of Social Services has what is called a Foster to Adopt program. To qualify as adoptive parents of a child in the custody of the department, the parents must first be willing to take a child into the home as a foster child, without any assurance that the child will not be returned to the birth family. Specific training is provided to any family interested in learning more about this and becoming qualified to receive placement of a child.

When the Department of Social Services determines that the parental rights of the birth parents must be terminated, a legal proceeding takes place which may be hotly contested by the birth parents. Foster parents have a right to participate in these proceedings and may be represented by their own attorney. Qualified representation of foster parents can make a difference in the outcome of the litigation.

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