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It is sometimes necessary to look beyond Virginia’s state lines to find the right fit for your family. If you have been contacted by a birth mother in a different state, it is important to contact a qualified adoption lawyer as soon as possible. It is necessary to receive the approval of both states before the child may be taken from the sending state to the receiving state. This process takes advance planning and substantial legal paperwork.

Robert H. Klima, PC, provides adoption legal services throughout Northern and Central Virginia to parents wishing to adopt and to birth mothers who are considering adoption. If you have questions about interstate adoption, call Virginia interstate adoption attorney Robert H. Klima at 703-361-5051.

Robert H. Klima is one of Virginia’s most prominent adoption lawyers and has handled more than 2,500 successful adoptions over his 30-year legal career.

The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children

The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children is a law adopted by every state, which has requirements that must be met when a child is being adopted into a different state. A substantial package of information has to be compiled and sent to the Interstate Compact Office of the sending state that approves the request and then forwards the information to the similar office in the receiving state. Once they have also reviewed the material and given approval, then permission is given to the adoptive parents to bring their baby home.

It takes time to gather all of the required information and to put the package together in the form necessary to receive approval from the Interstate Compact Office. The adoptive parents must stay in the sending state with the child until approval is received. Therefore, the more advanced planning that can be done, the sooner the adoptive parent can return with child to their home state. This delay can be kept to as little as one week, in most cases, with good planning.

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