Building Families Through Adoption for Over 30 Years

Dedicated to Adoption and Children’s Issues

While many law firms handle adoption on the side as a part of a family law practice, attorney Robert H. Klima has dedicated his practice primarily to adoption. Helping parents bring adopted children into their families has been a focus since he began practicing law in 1978.

Recently named a “Top Lawyer” by Northern Virginia Magazine, Mr. Klima is truly at the forefront of adoption law. In conjunction with the state legislature, he has helped draft Virginia adoption statutes and has written and lectured on adoption. Since 1993, Mr. Klima has been a fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, a national association of approximately 300 attorneys who practice adoption law extensively, or have otherwise distinguished themselves in the field of adoption. State legislatures often look to the Academy and its fellows for advice when passing new adoption related legislation.

A Lawyer Who Truly Cares About Children

Robert H. Klima’s adoption practice is a natural extension of a larger commitment to the welfare and well being of children. Mr. Klima is the founder and Chairman of the Board for Children with Disabilities Fund International (CDFI), an organization committed to enhancing the quality of life of children with special needs living in orphanages in developing countries. CDFI’s current work is largely spent partnering with West Haven Children’s Home located in Jamaica, an orphanage with about 80 children and young adult residents. CDFI established the orphanage’s first school in 2012.

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