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AAAA Reacts to New BIA Guidelines

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2015 | Uncategorized |

In a strongly worded response, the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys has reacted to the issuance of new guidelines by the Bureau of Indian Affairs without seeking comments from appropriate interested professionals.

In a statement written by AAAA President Laurie Goldheim, the Academy stated as follows:

“Several months ago, the Department of Interior through the Bureau of Indian Affairs advised our Academy and other interested child welfare groups that there would be an opportunity to provide comments and feedback to any proposed revisions to the BIA’s federal ICWA guidelines.  However, in what appears to be a purposeful effort to bypass input from our Academy, the public, and other child-focused organizations, the BIA recently published amended guidelines and made them effective immediately.

As distinguished professionals in the field of adoption and foster care, we and many other groups who work in the courts and the child welfare system are appalled by this surprise publication.  The federal government’s unwillingness to hear from those groups who have been in the field for many years working directly with those families and children who will be negatively impacted by these guidelines is alarming.

We are committed to ensuring that every child has the best chance for a positive and fair outcome in the judicial system.  We urge the Department of Interior to reevaluate how these guidelines were drafted and issued, and allow the Academy and other organizations who work in the field with families and children to be involved in the process.”