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Month: May 2015

Summary of the Private Adoption Process

In a Parental Placement Adoption, sometimes called a Private Adoption, there may be a lot of planning before the birth of the child.  It may also be necessary to meet the requirements of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children.  The actual legal...

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Can I Use a Facilitation Service?

If a person introduces a birth mother to prospective adoptive parents, this is called facilitation.  There is nothing wrong with this so long as it is not paid for. Virginia's adoption statutes are very specific about what payments may and may not be made in...

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Who May Place a Child for Adoption?

Virginia's adoption statutes state that a child may be place for adoption by: 1.  A licensed child-placing agency. 2.  A local Board of Social Services. 3.  The child's parent or legal guardian if the placement is a parental placement. 4.  Any...

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