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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Parental Placement Adoptions

On Behalf of | May 4, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Advantages of Parental Placement Adoptions include the following:

The birth parent, usually the birth mother, assumes responsibility for finding and interviewing prospective adoptive parents.  She has the satisfaction of making the decision on her own and for whatever reasons she may choose.  This often gives a birth mother a great sense of personal satisfaction and the ability to go on with the rest of her life feeling she has made a good decision.

The personal contact between the birth mother and the adoiptive parents adds to the adoption experience.  It gives the adoptive parents a greater feel for the history and background of their child.  In some caes, birth mothers allow adoptive parents to participate in prenatal medical examinations and in the birth of the child.  Sometimes the adoptive mother may be the labor and delivery coach for the birth mother.

The adoptive parents will usually take custody of the chld in the hospital shortly after birth.  They will hold the chld, feed the child, bond with the child and take the child home directly from the hospital.  There is no period of foster care.

The cost of Parental Placement Adoption is usually much less than the cost of Agency Adoption.  Costs will generally be less than $10,000.00.

Disadvantages of Parental Placement Adoptions include the following:

There is both an emotinal and a financial risk.  The law intentionally gives the birth mother a period of time to change her mind.  If she does, the adoptive parents will generally not be able to recoup their out of pocket expenses.  If the adoptive parents actually take custodyof the child and then have to given him or her back, it can be a very hard emotional experience.  Although if the advice of a competent adoption attorney is followed, this risk is not very high.

Some adoptive parents do not want personal contact with birth parents.

Adoptive parents and birth parents must search to find each other.