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Month: June 2015

The Protecting Adoption Act of 2015

The Protecting Adoption Act of 2015 has just been introduced in the United States Congress.  The Act is the result of the efforts of many organizations interested in promoting good adoption practices, including the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys.  It...

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When Should I Hire an Adoption Attorney?

It is highly recommended that couples seeking a parental placement adoption should retain an experienced adoption attorney as early as possible.  It is also recommended that the attorney be a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. This organization is...

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Parental Placement – The Search

The most difficult part of a parental placement adoption is the search.  How do you find the birth mother?  How does she find you?  Second to this problem is the need to present yourselves in such a manner that the birth mother will want to choose you,...

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