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The Main Body of the Adoptive Family Profile

The main purpose of the profile is to convey information.  Some of this is just biographical, such as how old you are, your ethnic background, your education, etc.  Some information involves your beliefs and world views.  Where are you coming from?  What type of family do you envision? What do you want to give your child?  What do you believe?

The Dear Birth Mother Letter

The first element of your profile, after the cover sheet and photogrph, should be your "Dear Birth Mother" letter.  This should be no more than one typed page in length.  It is in fact a letter and has the words "Dear Birth Mother" as the salutation.

Can a Former Spouse Adopt?

There is a statute in Virginia which allows a former spouse to adopt if he or she stood in loco parentis to the child or children during the marriage.

Preparing Your Profile Part II

I have sat with many birthmothers and watched them sort through profiles. While there are exceptions, I am convinced that something usually catches the eye of most birthmothers and causes them to look more closely at a particular profile.  It is human nature to tend to stick with the choice which makes the best first impression.  For this reason, I recommend that the first page contain a single family photograph.  Colored borders which make the package attractive can be useful, but should not be overdone.  Avoid notebooks or binders.  They are not helpful.  All that is required are single pages stapled together.

Preparing Your Profile Part I

An adoptive family profile is a packet of information about yourselves.  It is intended to give a birth mother the information she needs in order to fairly consider whether she wants to place her baby with you for adoption.  Making the profile genuinely informative is the single most important aspect of its preparation.  I have seen many profiles which fail to do this.  Some may look very attractive, like professional advertising circulars, but fail to convey the real information needed.  I have found that birth mothers with whom I have worked reject such profiles.  They tend to regard superficial profiles as a form of insult. The very format suggests to a birth mother that the persons who prepared it assume that she does not want to make an informed choice.  It looks as if they thnk that she will make an emotional choice.  My experience is that birth mothers think very seriously about this choice.

Service upon Birth Fathers

There are several options for serving notice of an adoption upon a birth father.  One of these is providing notice through the Putative Father Registry.  Under the law, this may involve merely mailing certain notices to him through certified mail, even if he never actually receives the notice.

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