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The Dear Birth Mother Letter

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2015 | Uncategorized |

The first element of your profile, after the cover sheet and photogrph, should be your “Dear Birth Mother” letter.  This should be no more than one typed page in length.  It is in fact a letter and has the words “Dear Birth Mother” as the salutation.

Imagine yourself actually writing to a particular birth mother, and then write to her from your heart.  You want to express to her that you care about her as a person and you appreciate how difficult this is for her.  You want to empathize with her.  Choose your words carefully.  If you are not being genuine, she will see right through you.

You must tell the birth mother who you are and why you want to adopt.  Tell her your personal story.  Have your suffered through infertility treatments or miscarriages?  Have you lost a child?  Have agencies disqualified you for some reason?  Birth mothers will also empathize with you.  A birthmother might choose a particular couple because she thnks that the couple deserves to be chosen because of what they have gone through.  Don’t overdo it, however.  Just state your story briefly and clearly.  Don’t be vague.

You should also give the birth mother a very brief idea of your vision for the child.  What do you intend to do in order to give this child every opportunity in life?  What is important to you?

Simply close your letter with an expression of your hope that she will want to speak with you so you can get to know her and answer any other questions she may have.