Building Families Through Adoption for Over 30 Years

Month: March 2016

Discussing Present Needs

As your conversations with the birth mother continue, you will want to work through several important issues. First, you will want to be sure that the birth mother receives appropriate prenatal care. This is one of several things which adoptive parents are allowed to...

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Discussing Future Contact – Open Adoption

In your initial discussions with the birth mother, it is probable that at some point you will talk about what contact or information she would like to have in the future.  You should be prepared for this discussion. People's attitudes about future contact with...

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A Preliminary Understanding

Early on in your discussions with the birth mother, you will need to come to a point where you and she have a preliminary understanding that she intends to place her child with you and that you intend to proceed with the adoption of that child.  You should not be...

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What if She lives Far Away?

It is very likely that the birth mother may not live in Virginia.  Because people travel between states so frequently, it comes as something of a surprise to many people that this makes a big difference in adoption.  Adoption law is almost entirely state...

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