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Choosing the Agency

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There are many excellent child placing agencies in Virginia which you may contract with to prepare the Home Study.  It will make a difference, however, which one you choose.

You will want to choose an agency relatively close to your home, because you may meet with the social worker at the agency office on more than one occasion.  You may want to compare prices, but you probably will find that they do not differ very much.

The most important difference between agencies has to do with whether they are a secular agency or an agency associated with a church group.  Some agencies will only do Home Studies for families who are members of their denomination.  There are agencies affiliated with the Catholic Church, the Methodist Church, the Luteran Church, the Church of Christ, the Church of Latter Day Saints, Jewish Congregations and others.  There are also broadly based Christian agencies not affiliated with a particular denomination.  And there are secular agencies that care very little about your religious beliefts.

Some agencies, such as Chatholic Charities, for example, have many requirements not contained in the law, but which come from church doctrine and which definely make the processmore difficult.

Your adoption attorney is the best source of infomation concerning the agencies which exist in your part of the state.  You should look to him or her for advice before selecting the agency.