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Month: December 2017

Attachment and Bonding, Part 2

Attachment is characterized by specific behaviors in children, such as seeking proximity to the attachment figure for comfort, safety and security and to have basic needs met.  These behaviors may be clinically observed and measured. It has been conclusively...

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Attachment and Bonding, Part 1

The terms "attachment" and "bonding" are often confused.  Attachment refers to a child's emotional connection to caregivers.  Bonding refers to the caregivers' feelings and connection to the child.  Both are relevant under 63.2-1205, but attachment is...

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Tax Credit Saved

There is good news for families pursuing adoption.  The final version of the tax reform bill before Congress has preserved the adoption tax credit! Also, the employer provided benefits have been preserved. This means that the commitment of Congress to promote...

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