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The Home Study Requirements

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In Copeland v. Todd, the Supreme Court of Virginia pointed out that the standards of proof in contested adoption cases must be read along with eight other factors which the Department of Social Services, or private agency, must investigate and report upon pursuant to Code Section 63.2-1208.  Those factors are the following:

1.  Whether the petitioner is financially able, morally suitable, in satisfactory physical and mental health and a proper person to care for and train the child.

2.  What the physical and mental condition of the child is.

3.  Why the parents, if living, desire to be relieved of the responsibility for the custody, care, and maintenance of the chld, and what their attitude is toward the proposed adoption.

4.  Whether the parents have abandoned the child or are morally unfit to have custody over him.

5.  The circumstances under which the child came to live, and is living, in the physical custody of the petitioner.

6.Whether the child is a suitable child for adoption by the petitioner.

7.  What fees have been paid by the petitioners or on their behalf to persons or agencies that have assisted them in obtaining the child.

8.  Relevant physical and mental history of the birth parents if known, and whether all reasonably ascertainable background, medical, and psychological records of the child have been provided to the prospective adoptive parents.