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Child Custody Matters Most. Get Experienced Legal Help.

When parents separate, issues concerning custody and visitation of their children can be extremely difficult to resolve. Often, people find it hard to separate their own emotions from the needs of their children. And children can be drawn into the conflict. The law in Virginia is clear. It is the best interests of the children that determine where and when they should be with each parent. Building a convincing case and presenting it with skill can make all the difference.

Helping You Protect What Matters Most

Manassas child custody attorney Robert H. Klima will help you to properly think through what custody and visitation arrangements really are in the best interests of your children. He will seek to reach formal agreements that take into account all of the children’s needs. When an agreement cannot be reached, he will litigate with skill to give you your best opportunity to prevail.

Many child custody disputes can be resolved through a process called mediation. This process can keep you out of court, sparing you the expense and stress that can come from protracted legal battles and litigation. Mr. Klima has successfully mediated custody disputes for over 30 years and can help you determine whether your situation is a good fit for the process.

Mr. Klima handles all aspects of custody and visitation. Some of these include:

  • Legal custody
  • Physical custody
  • Visitation schedules
  • Transportation for visitation
  • Child support
  • Payment of medical and dental expenses
  • Paternity
  • Counseling and therapy arrangements
  • Relocation

Child Custody Is about the Best Interests of the Child

Child custody cases are often stressful for parents, as they struggle with the emotions and fears of losing time and influence with their children. Robert H. Klima will give you straight answers and help you to find favorable solutions. Virginia has excellent judges who understand that your children need both parents in their lives. They will only accept a child custody and visitation arrangement that protects the well-being of the children. If the right custody and visitation arrangements cannot be negotiated out of court, you can trust Mr. Klima to be a strong advocate for you and to present your case in court with skill and clarity.

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