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Judges in Virginia recognize that every child is entitled to the best possible relationship with each parent. This usually means frequent and regular contact in a safe environment. There are no set formulas for what visitation rights a noncustodial parent may receive. Visitation is determined by considering what arrangements will work best for a particular family.

Virginia judges will include in visitation orders any necessary provisions to protect children. These may include admonitions not to discuss adult matters with the children, not to speak ill of the other parent in their presence and not to expose them to immoral circumstances.

It is sometimes difficult for parents who separate to learn to work together to ensure the best interests of their children. Learning how to communicate effectively and to place the child’s needs first is a critical part of the process. Manassas lawyer Robert H. Klima can help you to think through specific plans for shielding children from harmful emotions and affording them free, open and loving communication with both parents whenever possible.

Have you considered mediation as a way to resolve your conflict? This process can keep you out of court, sparing you the expense and stress that can come from protracted legal battles and litigation. Mr. Klima has successfully mediated family law disputes for over 30 years and can help you determine whether your situation is a good fit for the process.

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