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Why Mediate?


People who choose mediation to resolve conflicts can often achieve a resolution relatively quickly. Many cases, which may seem involved at the outset, can still be concluded in between one and three mediation sessions. Currently, it is taking an average of ten months to get a trial date in our courts because of the high volume of cases and the limited number of judges.


Family law conflicts are one of the greatest producers of personal stress and anxiety. Litigation adds a great deal more stress to an already existing conflict. People who resolve their case in mediation can put the conflict behind them much more quickly, and begin the process of moving forward with their lives.


Most family law attorneys request substantial retainers because they anticipate the time required to take a matter to court. People who resolve their conflict through mediation greatly reduce their costs.


Sometimes people whose cases have been tried in court do not always feel satisfied with the result. When parties rely upon a judge to settle their dispute, they give up control and ownership of life changing decisions. This can result in dissatisfaction with the Court’s decision, even if some or many of the party’s desired outcomes are obtained. On the contrary, people who reach a settlement in mediation are likely to feel satisfied with the result which is reached. They will know that they have been heard, without being restrained by the Rules of Evidence or court procedures. The parties have the satisfaction of knowing that they themselves have helped to shape and formulate solutions to the conflict, as opposed to a judge imposing a decision upon them.

People who enter into mediation with Mr. Klima achieve settlements approximately 95% of the time.